Andy Edwards/Paranoid Android Photography

A photographer and filmmaker from Birmingham, currently based in North London. My debut feature film, the horror anthology, "Three's A Shroud", has won several awards (including the "British Horror Award" at the British Horror Film Festival 2012) I'm currently working on a zombie feature film, based on my own popular series of shorts "Houseparty of the Dead", which will be shooting in Summer 2013. When not filming the undead, I create corporate, commercial & online video content for a wide variety of clients such as Capital Radio, Xfm, Spotify, Disney, Microsoft, T-Mobile and Coca-Cola. A lot of this involves filming the likes of One Direction & Bieber, so I try not to talk about this too much... Photography-wise, I've shot most things from weddings to gigs, but only really in the last couple of years have I started shooting models. I fell into cosplay photography accidentally through doing alt-glamour shoots of naked girls wearing Stormtrooper helmets, which in turn lead to a shoot with SCG favourite Stacey Rebecca as MJ. This pic took the internets by storm, and from then on I've got the cosplay bug. I've since created a Paranoid Android Cosplay channel on youtube which will feature interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at the world of cosplay, and have loads more photoshoots lined up.

Country: United Kingdom

How did you get involved with SCG?
I got involved with the team initially by browsing cosplay photos on ModelMayhem. I contacted the team, complementing them on the work they do behind the scenes and images they produce. I then received a reply from them saying they loved the image of Mary Jane I produced with Stacey Rebecca and asked if I would be interested in doing some more cosplay shoots with SCG. Its onwards and upwards now and happy to know and work with the team.

Who was your favourite animated character as a child?
I was into all the animated shows as a kid, but some of my favourites were the Godzilla animated series, as well as Battle of the Planets.

Whats are your top 3 photography based film?
If you're asking which film I like best based on the cinematography, then it has to be Blade Runner. There hasn't been a film made before or since to touch it for cinematography and production design. If you're asking me about films featuring photographers & photography, then I'd say Blow Up, The Omen and Rear Window.

What was the first photo you took with your first Professional camera?
I bought my first Pentax for myself as a late Christmas present, so I think it would have been out of focus pictures of drunk, out of focus people, at a New Years Eve houseparty.

How important is Photoshop in your editing?
Especially as a filmmaker, I find the words "we'll fix it in post" send shivers down my spine. I try & get the image looking as good as possible in-camera, and just use photoshop for a bit of a tweak usually.

Who or what would you most like to photograph?
There are a few models in the world of cosplay or alternative modelling that I'd love to shoot with. Half of them live in the States so that might be tricky, but I'm aiming to track down the UK based ones and get them to shoot with me somehow!

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