Kris Ezergailis

Kris has been photographing people since he could get his hands on fresh film. His introduction to cosplay at a convention in 2009 was a re-awakening of his childhood and quickly cosplay photography became one of his chief hobbies. Stay tuned for more photos of hot Australian girls as Kris slowly learns which end of the camera to point where!

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Country: Australia

How did you get involved with SCG?
SCG (Lucas) contacted me and told me about his dream for the cosplay world, we got talking and realised we are on the same page.

Who was your favourite animated character as a child?
Doctor Claw from Inspector Gadget - He never gave up, had a cool house, and a cat!

Whats are your top 3 photography based film?
I got dragged along to see Shutter and hated every second of it!

What was the first photo you took with your first Professional camera?
I started out assisting on weddings, so probably something to do with the cake (I love cake!)

How important is Photoshop in your editing?
Always shooting raw means that every single image spends at least a tiny bit of time in photoshop. While it can be an incredibly important tool in producing an image I try and minimise the need for it by concentrating on details at the shoot.

Who or what would you most like to photograph?
I'd love to shoot Miranda Kerr for a billboard advertisement.

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