Daniel John Cotton Wall

Country: England

How did you get involved with SCG?
I was first approached by SCG around 10 months ago, after training in a gym for an MMA fight I had upcoming, the creators were sought after a photographer with space and availability to shoot for them, which unfortunately i was very disadvantaged on at the time - I was approached again a few months back and definitely won't be letting the opportunity slip again.

Who was your favourite animated character as a child?
Akuma is a beast, there's too much awesomeness in one character right there for him to not peak at the top of my list - Challenge me on MVC3 if you dare...

Whats are your top 3 photography based film?
Shutter - Epic thai movie from 2004 based on spirit photography. War Horse - not so much photography, but the camera quality is insane.

What was the first photo you took with your first Professional camera?
The first photo was probably of my feet, i couldn't tell you my memory lasts 3seconds!!

How important is Photoshop in your editing?
I shoot raw and recently discovered the advantages of Lightroom rather than Photoshop Raw - so photoshop isn't that much of a huge deal for me at the moment, BUT i'm beginning to learn new techniques for some crazy adaptive editing - keep your eyes peeled…

Who or what would you most like to photograph?
Florence and the machines or Ed Sheeran - amazing musicians deserve as much credit as they can get… Cosplay wise, Megan Fox as supergirl - need i explain why?

Photo shoots