Eleanor Mayne

I go by the name of Eleae online, it's been my ID for many years now, so I figured I should use it for costuming too. I recently changed it to Eleae Mischievous-Noir, mainly because I like it, but it also sums me up quite nicely in terms of the characters I like. I've been a gamer for many years, but thankfully I've slowed down a lot now - I used to be full on, like, at least 6 hours every day. Now I barely play 3 hours a week. I've done photography though (in education) for 4 years total, I finished my BTEC 2 years ago (today: 2012), and now it's just a hobby. I would like it to be my career, but with growing use of photography - it's getting harder and harder to get noticed or get any form of work. Currently I'm a journalist for a small PR company, so I guess that makes me a Grammar Nazi of sorts ;P


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Country: England

How did you get involved with SCG?
I'm a cosplayer and through Facebook, ended up liking their page. I discovered a photo they took of me at MCM in May 2012, and laughed my ass off because I looked horrendous, and yet they deemed me sexy enough to be on it. I acutally remember the moment when Lucas took it and asked me if I would be interested in being a model for SCG - to which I assumed he was a pervert, and kindly declined. I followed a lot of their stuff and they kept posting photos of models in costumes - not cosplayers - which annoyed many of my friends, and eventually me too a bit. In the end I wrote on their wall that they should do a guys page too - since the men in cosplay don't get nearly enough love! Lucas added me and we took it from there. Next thing I know I'm admining a Sexy Cosplay Guys page and whambam I am staff. Then he found out I'm a photographer as well as eye candy ;) LOL. After that I introduced him to a bunch of REAL cosplayers (sexy ones of course), and here we now stand.

Who was your favourite animated character as a child?
I don't really know, but I realise now though I missed out on Batman </3 It's alright though, I've caught up now ;)

Whats are your top 3 photography based film?
No idea, don't think I've seen any, but my favorite artists include Annie Leibovitz, Mario Testino, and 'Nebezial' <-- I know him thanks to DeviantArt. Not that this has anything to do with the question..

What was the first photo you took with your first Professional camera?
Don't remember exactly, but I have a feeling it was a lemon cake on my 17th birthday.. Although, I've been taking photos since I was a child, just not on my own camera. My dad bought me my current Cannon EOS 500D (not amazing I know, but it's not about your equipment), and I've had that for 3 years now. I have a BTEC in Photography, and through that I enjoy film photography as well as digital. Just a shame it's so much more expensive :P

How important is Photoshop in your editing?
To me? Very. Not because I'm untalented, but because I see a good photo and see the potential behind it to make something even better. Photography to me is an art form, I see it as an unfinished painting. There are of course, those who believe Photoshop is for people who can't take good photos, but they simply don't know what they are missing ;)

Who or what would you most like to photograph?
Oh the list, it goes on for years.

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