Black Cat

My name’s Gabriella but I go by the name of Black Cat in the cosplay world! I’m just a simple tom-boy cosplayer from the land down under with a passion for horror movies and burritos. Cosplay has consumed my life for only a few years but they’ve been the most exciting so far! I’m yet to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring or travel to a galaxy far, far away but that’ll happen soon enough. Until then, cosplay is my most loved hobby! I spend my days coming up with zombie apocalypse survival plans, listening to anything heavy metal and making people rage on TF2. I’m a bit of a handful but I’m nice enough to warn you first. BIO SWAG COMPLETE HASHTAGBACON


Age: 21

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Size: Fun Sized

Height: 5 ft 4


Ethnicity: Half Pirate, half lumberjack

City: Sydney


Favourite Food:
Anything covered in cheese and smothered with bacon

Favourite Anime/Cartoon:

Favourite Manga/Book:
The Dexter series

Favourite Film:
Sin City