"I´m kindergarden and English teacher, and also I´m deaf interpreter (I´m really proud of it!) I started with cosplay in 2004 with Yuna, from FFX-2. I´ve made a lot of suits but I have to say, my favourites cosplays are those made in the last two years: Aurora (sleeping beauty) Sivir (League os Legends) Phoenix (X-Men) And of course, Daenerys Targaryen with her dragons (Song of Ice and Fire) and the last one, Witchblade (Comic: Witchblade). In the future I want to make the full suit of Witchblade, Galadriel (L.O.T.R), Alexiel (Angel sanctuary), Amaterasu (Okami)... Thanks for all! "



Age: 24

Hair: My natural color is light brown but now is Dark red

Eyes: Mix of brown and green

Size: 8

Height: 163cm


Ethnicity: Caucasian

City: Madrid, Spain


Favourite Food:
Fabada and spaghetti

Favourite Anime/Cartoon:
Golden Boy, Orphen, Soul Hunter, Blue Seed

Favourite Manga/Book:
A game of Ice and Fire, Berserk, G.T.O

Favourite Film:
Gladiator and The 13th Warrior, How to train your dragon