Irene Astral

"Alternative model, artist and cosplayer currently residing in Athens, Greece. I have a passion for everything creative, from sewing my own clothing and costumes to sketching and music making. Since I’m a classically trained singer, I’m planning on using that skill to enhance my cosplay performance. My costumes and make-up are all made by me, down to the smallest detail. I love learning new techniques and exploring new materials. In my free time (if any) I am into video games (mostly FPRPGs and MMOs). I used to spend more time in front of my pc and consoles when I was younger and wanted to become the heroine of my videogames, and this is the main reason I started cosplay. Apart from being an artist, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology and I’m currently enrolling my Master. "


Age: 23

Hair: Dark Blonde

Eyes: Auburn


Height: 5 ft 3


Ethnicity: Greek

City: Athens


Favourite Food:
Sushi, Burgers, Bubble Tea, Bacon

Favourite Anime/Cartoon:
Futurama, South Park

Favourite Manga/Book:
Novels my friends write and want me to proof-read them xD

Favourite Film:
Pan’s Labyrinth