Mira Scarlet

"I am an avid cosplayer who has had a passion for anime since first laying eyes on a pair of Sailor Moon sandals at the tender age of 6. My dad is a huge fan of Marvel so frequent trips to the comic book store only fueled my love for other nerdy fandoms throughout my life. I attended and cosplayed at my first convention back in 8th grade, but only recently did I discover my passion for costume design and desire to further my skills so that someday soon I can start my own business making costumes for individuals, theater and much more! Cosplay is an amazing hobby that helps fuel my work and is way for me to express my love for the fandoms I devote myself to! "



Age: 22

Hair: It varies

Eyes: Green

Size: 6

Height: 5 ft 6


Ethnicity: Life Fibers

City: Columbia


Favourite Food:
Doughnuts and sushi

Favourite Anime/Cartoon:
Full Metal Alchemist

Favourite Manga/Book:

Favourite Film:
White Oleander