Maya Nyan

I am a hard-working cosplayer who wants to reach a professional level. If I don't achieve that I want to work as a costume designer in movies and theaters. I am soon moving to Berlin to study costume design while I also prepare myself for big conventions around the area. Each character I choose have to be either because I love him/her or I want to challenge myself into making the costume! Aside from working on serious cosplays I also like to prepare smaller and easier ones just to goof around with friends.


Age: 18

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Hazel


Height: 170cm


Ethnicity: Greek/Mongolian

City: Athens


Favourite Food:
Steak, Green salad with vinegar sauce, tacos

Favourite Anime/Cartoon:
Tiger&Bunny, Panty&Stocking

Favourite Manga/Book:
A song of Ice and Fire

Favourite Film:
Star Wars, Coraline