Tabitha Lyons

Hi everyone I'm Tabby, I started cosplaying this year and can't believe I haven't done it sooner. I started larping when I was 8 along with table top games. I really appreciate the artwork and stories behind the graphic novels, what can I say I'm a full time geek. I work with my dad making props for a living. Mainly for LARP but have broke on the scene this year for cosplay. Our company is called Artyfakes Action Props and I would'nt work any where else. I have lots of new and exciting ideas for cosplay next year which I can't wait to start working on! I'm planning on going to many more events in England so if you see me there come say hi!


Age: 25

Hair: Stelth Blonde


Size: Depends if I'm holding my breath or not

Height: 5 ft 6


Ethnicity: White

City: Norfolk


Favourite Food:

Favourite Anime/Cartoon:
Spider-Man, X-Men, Dungeons and Dragons

Favourite Manga/Book:
Every Dragonlance book by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Favourite Film:
Gladiator, Clue and Avengers