Fairy Porch Queen

"I have been Cosplaying since May 2008. I went to my first con way back in October 2007 saw the cosplayers and just had to give it a go myself, I was in awe. I'm a huge final fantasy fan, and a gamer. I have also got more into my comics in the last two years, and loving it! I have many costumes, all of which I have picked for many reasons. I'm very selective about who I choose, making sure I will suit each character and do them justice. I never go to a con now without being in costume! I've met so many of my closest friends through Cosplaying and would never go back."



Age: 24

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Size: 8

Height: 5 ft 7


Ethnicity: White British

City: London


Favourite Food:

Favourite Anime/Cartoon:

Favourite Manga/Book:
American Psycho

Favourite Film:
Ace Ventura