Sub Chronic

I'm a lady of many weird and wonderful talents, Im part of a promotional company called sick promotions where I perform things such as fire poi, fire fans, fire palms, fire breathing etc (most things fire), freakshow, dance and various other things. My stage name is Sub Chronic, best known for my attitude. When I'm not doing that I can be found serving drinks behind a bar, hardcore. Noone seems to expect meeting a circus freak when they go to a pub, but hey ho here I am ;D


Age: 20

Hair: Currently Purple (Magenta)

Eyes: Green

Size: 10/12

Height: 5 ft 5


Ethnicity: White British

City: Kent? Not really a city lol


Favourite Food:
My mum's roast

Favourite Anime/Cartoon:
Spongebob Squarepants

Favourite Manga/Book:
Death Note

Favourite Film:
The Lost Boys