Liz Katz

When a real-life Cat Eared sporting anime character comes to life. Born and Raised in a state of mind. Half nerd on her father's side and half mystical creature on her mother's.She is an Actress, Model, Artist & Muse. Silly, Snarky, Eccentric, Part Time Flake, and all around feisty lil' firecracker. Katz Kouture is her line "Post apocalyptic chic designs and accessories ( As an artist she also writes and illustrates Katz Komics (


Age: 24

Hair: I have a head full of it

Eyes: Steel Blue or turquoise depending on the day

Size: fun-sized

Height: 5ft


Ethnicity: Mutt

City: Los Angeles


Favourite Food:
Sushi and frozen yogurt (not together >.<)

Favourite Anime/Cartoon:
Metalocalypse, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Family Guy

Favourite Manga/Book:
Cat's Cradle, 1984, Fight club, Aesop's Fables

Favourite Film:
Snatch, Crank, Army of Darkness