Lisa Marie

Part time cosplayer, full time student. I got into cosplay via the simple fact I am a giant nerd who, upon attending conventions, discovered that people actually make hugely impressive costumes and wear them, not just on Halloween! My cosplay tastes vary so dramatically, from comic book heroines to Disney princesses... I’m not a huge fan of sewing, however I have made full ball gowns, I much prefer getting hands on with armour and props. I love the creativity that comes from cosplay, and I particularly enjoy putting my own spin on a character. I’m a full time post-grad, and as such time is short, but if I do find time away from work and cosplay it’ll be spent gaming on my PC or curled up with a book, anything fantasy or science fiction and I’m a happy bunny!


Age: 22

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Size: 8-10

Height: 5 ft 10


Ethnicity: White British

City: Birmingham


Favourite Food:

Favourite Anime/Cartoon:

Favourite Manga/Book:
Take Back the Skies, Harry Potter

Favourite Film:
Avengers Assemble