Giada Robin

Giada Pancaccini is an Italian Alternative Model and Cosplay Performer since 2008. She ever had a great passion for animes,mangas,movies and videogames, but also for acting and, she fell in love with cosplay at the first sight, because she could put all these things together. She started cosplaying at “Lucca Comics & Games 2008”, where she won the official “One Piece Italian Cosplay Contest” performing Nico Robin (Alabasta version). Rewarded by Takashi Yoshiike from TOEI ANIMATION (Eiichiro Oda’s collaborator – Art Director of OP movies and some parts of the anime), she continued her adventure in the magic world of cosplay under the name of “Giada Robin” to remeber her first time and great experience. After she went to a lot of conventions, knowing a lot of people and winning other important prizes in contests, she became a very popular cosplayer and she began to be judge and guest in several cosplay-comics-games events in her country. Since 2010 she is also organizer and official conductor of “PLAY-COS”, the great cosplay event inside “Modena PLAY”, the most important convention of gamers in Italy. Then she joined a lot of international projects for magazines, calendars and charities, becoming even more popular abroad too. She has been selected as Italian representative for CWM (Cosplay World Master) 2012/2013 and now she is still collaborating for some international projects like for example “Calendario Cosplay in Costa Rica”, with other famous and talented cosplayers from all around the world.


Age: 22

Hair: Dark Brow

Eyes: Light Blue

Size: 8

Height: 166 cm


Ethnicity: Caucasian

City: Livorno, Italy


Favourite Food:

Favourite Anime/Cartoon:
One Piece, FullMetal Alchemist

Favourite Manga/Book:
Berserk, Hellsing, Le Chevalier D'Eon

Favourite Film:
"A ClockWork Orange" by Stanley Kubrick